Hi! I'm Nikolay Pomytkin,

a driven and passionate creator.

I love finding creative and innovative solutions to important problems.
Working with other people emboldens and empowers my own creativity.

About Me

My name is Nikolay Pomytkin and I am currently a freshman at the University of Maryland studying Computer Science and Business Analytics. I have a variety of interests and hobbies, which include Running, Nature, Film Making, Drinking Coffee, and last but not least, Programming. I have a passion for creating cool things and making new friends.


As you might have already noticed, I have a variety of interests which has lead me to contributing to a variety of projects. Whether its coding or arts like filmmaking and photography, my Portfolio shows my diverse set of skills. I have included links to all of my favorite and most memorable projects over the years. NOTE: Although you need an PowerSchool account to log into PowerGPA, I've included a screenshot of what it looks like (PowerGPA is one of my favorites).

I love contributing to OSS.
Check out my Github

Check out my Instagram to see some cool pictures I've taken over the years.


Feel free to contact me through any of the social media I have provided in the bottom-left corner of the site or through my email "nik@pomytkin.com".